Go Big Or Go Boutique With Your International Money

Go Big Or Go Boutique With Your International Money Transfers

Does it frustrate you when you are just a number? Or when you can’t speak to a qualified individual to answer your questions? Especially when it comes to your money.

Many of our clients knocked on our door in a state of frustration at dealing with large financial institutions.

Here is what they share with us:

“I can’t get through to an individual to guide me or answer my questions and when I send an email I don’t receive a response.”

Their frustration is that they can’t communicate to a person to walk them through the process of an international money transfer. They feel lost and want answers that they don’t get. 

At Currency Assist we are constantly in contact with our clients and we follow up regularly.  Whether it be via email or telephonically, walking you through the process in detail so you know exactly what needs to be done.  If you have a question or a problem, we are proactive and address it. 

We understand that each client is different and we treat each client according to their needs.

Boutique, personalised, transparent service.  This is how we work when it comes to international money transfers.

It is not just about holding your hand through an international money transfer process….  At Currency Assist we want to guide you so that you know what is going to happen next. 

Here is an example of the fear that many people deal with before they start to work with Currency Assist. “I have been trying to move my funds. I clicked a button somewhere online and it feels like my money is sitting somewhere in the abyss or in between transactions. I don’t know what is happening.  Can you please help me?” 

Helping you to understand what is happening with your money every step of the way is important to us. Taking care of your money even more so.


What is the difference between using a foreign exchange specialist service, like Currency Assist vs using a traditional large financial institution?

 In addition to having the process clearly laid out for you, it is also about having someone that you can always contact. If, for example, you phone our client services department at Currency Assist, there will always be someone you can speak to or a specialist to get back to you. They will walk you through any of your questions that you may have.


What can you expect when opening an account for an international money transfer with Currency Assist?

The onboarding process at Currency Assist is a very smooth and efficient process.  We have various sales agents that work for Currency Assist. You are able to contact us at any time during the process.  It is all done digitally (online), but if needed, we can meet you face to face and work through a manual process.   We can therefore assist you anywhere in the world. We service many international clients who have never met with us face to face.  They feel safe working with us as we are a registered FSP and Bank Intermediary.

Currency assist brings you the convenience of personalised service, personal interaction and transparency when it comes to transferring your money into and out of South Africa. Anything and everything related to the world of international money transfers is our business.  We help you make informed decisions when you move your money into and out of South Africa.


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What questions do you have when it comes to moving your money into and out of South Africa?

Email us at info@currencyassist.co.za

For more information visit our website at: https://currencyassist.co.za/

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