International Money Transfer Calling all Swallows

Currency Assist was founded in the fun little sea-side town of Plettenberg Bay, South Africa. Here we have a large population of residents who escape the cold Northern Hemisphere winters to bask on our golden beaches for 3-6 months to enjoy South Africa’s excellent Summer months. We call these wonderful guests our Swallows. And they’re a growing trend in our beautiful country.

If you’re a Swallow coming in and out of South Africa, Currency Assist is glad to announce our Swallow service. We work with International Banking accounts and the South African Reserve Bank to enable you to bring your currency into South Africa at an excellent exchange rate, with efficient service and a boutique team, passionate about making your life easier.

The Reserve Bank and its Exchange Control policies add extra complexity to transactions, as do global Anti-Money-Laundering rules. Our clients can also benefit from Tax Treaties with specific nations and other industry knowledge our team has after years of service in this niche.

If you, as a “swallow”, need a trusted partner in South Africa who understands the value of your time and money, reach out to our team today.

  •    If you are bringing holiday money into South Africa
  •    If you’re looking to buy property here, then we want to talk to you.
  •    Get the Best foreign exchange rates available, every time.
  •    We offer Superior turnaround times
  •    Personal Customer service you can relate to (and if you’re in Plett,       pop into our office anytime!)
  •    Opening of SA bank accounts without even stepping into a branch

We will save you a fortune on the exchange rate. Our friendly team understands the service you expect, resulting in less stress and more time for you to enjoy your stay in South Africa.

Whatever your destination, Currency Assist will help you get there with more money in your pocket.

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