Sending and receiving money anywhere in the world could leave you with many questions.

Sending and receiving money anywhere in the world could leave you with many questions.


Here are five important questions you need to consider:

  • Will I have control over my money? 

It is your money, you should always have control of your money.  Make sure that this is the case when you send money offshore or receive money from international destinations.  With Currency Assist you always have full control and traceability of your money.  

  • Do I have full transparency regarding the costs and movement of the transactions? 

This is one of the best hidden secrets of international money transfer transactions.  It is often communicated that you have full transparency regarding the costs and rates charged, however, we found in many cases it is not the truth. 


One of the key aspects we had in mind when we founded Currency Assist was full transparency in all transactions.  With Currency Assist this promise always stays in tact:  Full transparency in all your international money transfer transactions. 

  • Is it safe and secure? 

You simply can’t take a chance with compromised security when it comes to international money transfers. This is why we have strong authentication that protects your money and accounts. You specify the validation rules and payment thresholds for users.  At Currency Assist we have a safety and security track record of over a decade and thousands of transactions.  Have a look at what our customers say about what we do on the testimonial section on our website  This is real proof of the safety, security and service you receive from us.  It is your money we are working with and we take this very seriously.

  • Will I have a designated specialist working with me? 

No more phone queues.  You have an international money transfer specialist working with you and on your account.  This makes your life so much easier. At Currency Assist we bring you boutique, personalised service, ensuring that you talk to your international money transfer specialist personally, every time.

  • How do I know when the best time is to transfer funds? 

Through our team of experts and our hedging strategy experts, we implement a winning plan for you to transfer funds. In this way you get the most out of your international money transfer transactions, every time. 

Whether you are….

Making and receiving payments to and from international suppliers

Buying or selling property overseas

Making overseas mortgage payments

Helping family or friends living or travelling abroad

Planning a wedding abroad

Making investments abroad


Currency Assist is here to serve you with boutique, personalised service that you can trust. 

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