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Bank Beating Rates

Currency Assist is able to obtain the best possible rates in the market through our banking partners and this saving is passed onto our clients. On average we save our clients up to 3% on their currency conversions, what this means, is that this saving translates into more funds being placed in your investment offshore. In addition to the saving our staff will do all necessary reporting on your behalf, removing the headache of unnecessary admin normally placed on you, the client.

 Tax Clearances

We can help when you are looking to exceed you Single Discretionary Allowance (R1 Million per year) and require approval to use your Foreign Investment Allowance (R10 Million per year). Currency Assist has access to a panel of Master Tax Practitioners who are experts in obtaining your tax clearance in the fastest time possible, the best part is it won’t cost you a cent, it is a service we provide to our clients.

SARB Approvals

Currency Assist can assist where you are looking to exceed your allowances for the year. We are experts in obtaining both your clearance from SARS and obtaining approval from SARB. We will assist you in navigating this process which will save you both time and money

Currency Assist is the trusted provider for a large number of offshore platforms and financial planners and have a wealth of experience in performing these transactions and as a client you will benefit directly from our expert knowledge and pricing.

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