Personal Forex

  • Open an account in no time, in minutes, in 24 hours
  • Send or receive funds internationally – let us be your personal banker for forex transactions
  • Start transacting and converting to international currencies within a day
  • No fees to open accounts, and no monthly fees
  • Transact with ease – we are your personal fx broker
  • Confirm and transact direct with our dealers, no call centres
  • No incoming swift fees with some of our banking partners
  • We can take care of your FIA and SARS applications
  • Application to Reserve Bank where needed – leave it to us
  • Let us assist you to set up an offshore bank account and have full transactional banking in USD, Euro, GBP
  • Let our expert dealers assist you to be informed and make the right decision
  • Working on a yacht without communication on hand, rest assured that your fx will be transacted swiftly and without lifting a finger, ensuring that your debit orders can run on your checking account
  • If you are buying a property or asset in SA from offshore funds, leave it to us to ensure all the documentation needed to repatriate funds in years to come will be on file
  • Selling a property as a non-resident from SA – disinvesting or repatriating back to your home country, we will work with the property consultant and attorney to ensure we have Exchange Control approval prior to the final account and property transfer
  • Your investment advisor can liaise directly with us to open the account, and transact with us on your behalf(reword)
  • Your investment advisor will soon have a dashboard from where they could manage clients transacting with us

Insurance Quote

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