Privacy Policy

The privacy of our Clients is very important to CurrencyAssist SA (Pty) LTD (“CurrencyAssist SA”) and we understand the need to safeguard Client’s personal and financial information, not only in respect of statutory requirements but also in the realisation that the success of our business depends on our ability to maintain the trust of our Clients. Please note that this privacy policy applies only to CurrencyAssist SA (Pty) LTD and not to other institutions, companies or organisations to which the website is linked.

What information does CurrencyAssist SA collect?
CurrencyAssist SA collects and retains information about its clients that it believes is necessary to help administer business between the two parties and to keep the Clients abreast of improvements to CurrencyAssist SA’s services and products and to provide the Clients with other relevant information.

CurrencyAssist SA collects two types of information:

  • Personal information such as names, addresses, email addresses, copies of identification and incorporation documents etc.
  • Traffic pattern information and transactional information on CurrencyAssist SA Client Accounts.

Personal information is collected to meet both internal and external compliance requirements, and to enable CurrencyAssist SA to open an account for the Client and be in a position to commence business.
Traffic pattern information is used to monitor pages accessed or visited and enables CurrencyAssist SA to better meet the requirements and needs of its Clients and users. Transaction information reflects the business the Clients enter into with CurrencyAssist SA and provides a historical record of business activity which is necessary as a means of monitoring and mitigating money laundering and terrorist financing, as well as enabling the account dealers to keep abreast with Client’s foreign exchange needs. Should a Client fail to provide us with the requested information, it may possibly hinder an account application being processes or currency transactions being processed.

Collecting personal information through the CurrencyAssist SA website is achieved by using the strongest SSL encryption supported by the Client’s browser, up to 128 bit. The identity of the CurrencyAssist SA LTD server is verified by VeriSign, a company trusted by many for identity verification.

How We Use Client Information
We do not sell, publish or freely give away Client’s personal or transaction information. The information Clients have provided to us or that we have obtained can be used by us and our suppliers for the purpose of carrying out our business. Client information may be shared between the CurrencyAssist SA and associated companies for the provision of foreign exchange services. The aforementioned information will only be disclosed outside of CurrencyAssist SA and it’s associated companies where required by law or requested by a regulatory body..

Telephone Recordings
CurrencyAssist SA may record telephone conversations between the Client and employees of CurrencyAssist SA with or without a warning message. Such recordings or transcripts may be used to resolve any dispute between the Client and CurrencyAssist SA. These recordings may also be destroyed at CurrencyAssist SA’s discretion.

We routinely use cookies to provide online services to Clients. Interaction with our website is not possible, or is severely limited, when using a browser that does not accept cookies. Specifically, we use cookies to allow our server applications to identify the Client between requests made to our services so that we may show information relevant to the Client’s account. We may also use cookies to help us identify problems Client’s might have interacting with our services.
Although cookies are used to track movement throughout our site, personal information is never stored in cookies we send to a Client’s browser.

Client’s Responsibilities
Personal information is to be disbursed as the Client sees fit in conjunction with our account opening and operation procedures. Where possible, we only ever request information from Clients using sufficiently secure channels and we request that Clients never supply personal information, particularly banking information, using insecure means like plain text email. When using the CurrencyAssist SA website, we strongly advise using the latest version of the Client’s preferred browser. We highly recommend Mozilla Firefox for its security and privacy functionality.
We encourage Clients to take all reasonable steps to ensure they are communicating with a legitimate member of our organisation when communicating personal information and to ensure that information is communicated via an appropriately secure means.
Should anyone have concerns about the completeness or accuracy of the information CurrencyAssist SA holds, or would like to access or amend their information, they must contact CurrencyAssist SA
Any concerns about privacy and the use of the website please contact